4 Tips to Organize Your Glove Box

Organize Your Glove Box

Organize Your Glove Box

Organize Your Glove Box: 4 Quick Tips to Have a Clutter Free Glove Box…

Nowadays it seems that we spend more time in our cars that anywhere else. Always running from one event to another we can find ourselves practically living out of our car. Car seats, toys, snacks, backpacks and more fill our cars to the brim. Basically, our cars have become a mobile part of our home. In order to stay organized and keep our car as clutter free as possible we must be able to maintain order; a task that requires a lot of dedication and organization. Here are a few helpful tips on organizing the glove box in your car.

4 Tips to Organize Your Glove Box

1. Completely clean out the glove box. Empty all contents from the glove box and wipe it clean with a kitchen wipe or towel. This gives you a “clean slate” to work with.

2. Place all manuals for your current car together. This will allow for easy access of any information you are looking for.


3. Include a small cosmetic bag filled with first aid supplies in case of an emergency.


4. Place all insurance cards, registration cards, emergency phone numbers, inspection information, etc. in a credit card type case. Having all information in one place will make retrieval more convenient.


By keeping the glove box clean and free of clutter you will be able to locate the necessary information you need at a moment’s notice.

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