Back to School Tip: How to Organize Your Backpack

Back to School Tip

How to organize your backpack

back to school tip

School supply lists will soon be on websites, in stores and in mailboxes. School will be in session before we know it and that means it’s time to shop for school supplies. Before you head out with list in hand there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to school supplies and organization. Once you’ve selected the appropriate backpack follow these tips to organize your child’s backpack to help them stay organized and on track for a successful school year.

Back to School Tip: How to Organize Your Backpack

  • Store pencils and a sharpener in the front pocket of the backpack for accessibility. Pens, markers and/or highlighters should be kept in a small plastic pencil box separate from pencils.
  • Three ring binders should be kept in the largest section of the backpack. This allows for proper weight distribution and frees space for smaller items.
  • Cords and chargers should be coiled and secured with a Velcro strap or rubber band to avoid tangles. Keeping cords in a soft pouch will keep cords secure and damage free.
  • Lunch boxes should be in the front of the backpack to avoid being crushed and allow easy retrieval.
  • Instead of multiple subject notebooks use folders in a binder to separate subjects storing extra lined paper in the back of the binder. This cuts down on backpack clutter and keeps everything in one convenient spot.
  • Lunch money should be attached to the inside the backpack in a small zippered pouch.
  • Water bottles should be stored in a side mesh pocket. Keeping the water bottle on the outside of the backpack will help eliminate damaged homework if the bottle springs a leak.

Following these few simple back to school tip will help your child start off the new school year right!

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