How To Clean An Iron

How To Clean An Iron

How to clean an iron is easier than you think!

Quick Tips On Cleaning An Iron

It’s not something you think about doing til your iron won’t steam anymore, or it breaks, but I recently have made it my mission to clean all the appliances and tools around the house to ensure they all work properly and cleaning a clothes iron is next on my list. I want to show to the two easier ways How to Clean an Iron!

How to clean an iron is easier than you think! Just four simple steps to cleaning an iron so it is in the best shape possible for the next use! To clean bottom of iron is so easy, I was so glad I’ve decided to clean all my appliances. They are turning out great. These Quick Tips On Cleaning An Iron will make your iron like new!

Step 1: Grab your Iron board, Iron, Paper towels or cotton cloth and Salt.
Step 2: Place one tablespoon of salt on the cotton cloth or paper towel. If you have coarse salt, like sea salt, it will work better!
Step 3: Plug in the iron and turn it on medium-high but make sure the steam setting is OFF!
Step 4: Iron the salt gently, you should just need to go over it a few times. The dirt will stick to the salt!

Quick Tips On Cleaning An Iron to make it look like new!

If you still have some left over stains try on a cool iron, mixing Baking Soda and Vinegar to make a paste and give it a good scrub. Then proceed to clean off the iron.

Then to clean the steam vents I just take a few q-tips and dip them in vinegar and insert the q-tip in each steam vent and twist to ensure all the vents get a good cleaning! Take a clean q-tip with just water and wipe off any vinegar solution!

I will also wipe down the entire iron with warm water and mild detergent as well. Then I’ll take a soft cloth soak it in the water solution and wipe down the cord as well.
Then it is ready to go! Cleaning your iron wasn’t as hard as you thought. For more cleaning tips check out these…

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