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Dawn uses

Don’t you love products that  great for multiple tasks? I know I do. I refuse to spend money on any kind of gadget or product that only does one thing, when I can use something else to do that one thing and more. That’s why I love Dawn dishwashing soap. It’s perfect for dishes and greasy pots and pans, but do you know that it does a whole lot more? Check out these 10  uses for Dawn dishwashing soap that you may not know about.

Dawn uses

1.Got a clogged toilet? Pour half a cup of Dawn into the toilet, let it sit for 20 minutes and then pour a bucket of very hot water into the toilet. Your clog should now be cleared!

2.Exposed to Poison Ivy? Wash the affected areas ASAP with Dawn to cut through the oil from the plant which can spread the rash.

uses for dawn


3.Mix 12 ounces of vinegar and 12 ounces of hot water in a spray bottle with 5 drops of Dawn. Use it to clean countertops, shower tiles, sinks and shower doors. This is great if you have soap scum buildup in the shower.


4.If you have very oily skin, use a couple of drops of Dawn to wash your face. It’s cheaper than most special face washes for oily skin and it’s very gentle. This is a great tip if you have teens that have trouble with oily skin and acne.


5.Dawn is known for cutting through grease very well.It works the same way for hair. Once a month use Dawn instead of your regular shampoo to help remove excess oil. It will also remove the residue of any products that you use in your hair. Dawn is mild and gentle so it won’t dry out your hair and scalp.


6.Do you know that when there is an oil spill, the wildlife workers use Dawn to wash the birds that are covered in oil? Dawn is a powerful grease remover so if your garage floor or driveway has any oil stains you can scrub it with Dawn and hot water to remove the stain. This also works for oily stains on clothing; use Dawn as a pretreater before putting the items in the washer.


7. If you rub a drop of Dawn into the lenses of your eyeglasses it will leave a thin film that will keep your glasses from fogging up.


8.Make homemade bubbles for the kids with 1/2 cup Ultra Dawn, 1/2 gallon warm water and 1 tablespoon of glycerin or White Karo syrup. Stir the mixture very gently and then skim off the foam from the top. Give the kids bubble wands and they are ready to go. This is so much cheaper then buying those bubble refill jugs.


9.Dawn kills fleas. Wash your pets and their bedding with Dawn to get rid of any unwelcome visitors!


10.Do your doors have annoying squeaky hinges? Lubricate them with Dawn instead of WD-40 to get rid of the squeak.
As you can see, Dawn is an inexpensive product that is so versatile. Try some of these other ways to use Dawn and you will see it’s not just for dishes anymore! There are so many uses for Dawn.

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