Tips for Cleaning your Washer and Dryer

Tips for Cleaning your Washer and Dryer

Tips for Cleaning your Washer and Dryer

Tips for Cleaning your Washer and Dryer

It’s another installment in our summer cleaning series, and today I wanted to talk to you about something you might not think of when going over your daily list of chores. What’s that you ask? Your washer and dryer is something you depend on to get your clothes fresh and clean. But they can’t do the job if you don’t keep them fresh and clean right? Here are some tips for cleaning your washer and dryer.

For your Washer:

-If your washer has a self cleaning feature, use it! All you will need to do is add bleach (about a cap full for most washers) and set your self cleaning cycle. It will not only clean the drum of your washer, but it will also remove any stains.

– Don’t forget about the rubber seal!¬†This area of your washer is prone to mold growth, because water can get trapped between the seal and the machine. Clean it by using an all-purpose cleaner and a sponge or paper towel to clean under and around the seal. I do this once a week to prevent mold build up.

-Clean out your Dispensers! This is a tip for those with front loading washers. Another forgotten area can be your dispensers. Make sure the detergent dispensers are free of hair and other debris.Then use an all-purpose cleaner (or a vinegar and water solution) and a sponge to remove traces of anything that could clog your dispenser.

-Go the natural way! This tip is for those with a top loading washers. If you want to stay away from chemicals, there is a simple way to clean your washer. Set your washer on HOT and start it. Let it fill up with warm water and add a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda. Let it go through a cycle and wipe down when done.

Tips for cleaning your dryer:

-The most important thing is to clean our your lint trap! Not only is it bad for the dryer to let it build up, it can also cause a fire. Clean out your lint trap every time you start a new load!

– Every 3-4 Months, remove your lint trap and use the nozzle attachment of your vacuum to suck out any dirt or other debris that might have made its way into the body of the dryer.

– Wipe down the drum of your dryer with vinegar and a rag. This will clean the drum and have it nice and fresh for the next load of clothes.

– Don’t forget about under it! This applies to the washer and dryer. Make sure to sweep (or vacuum depending on your floors) under your washer and dryer!

That’s it! Some simple tips to keeping your washer and dryer fresh all year round
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