How to Clean Up After Your Pets

How to clean up after your pets

One of the worst things you can come home to is a pet present on your rug or carpet. Of course, it is better to clean it up as soon as it happens, we can help you clean up that mess. Even if it has been from a weeks vacation. But how do you clean up after your pets? Check out these easy steps to cleaning your carpet from pet stains.

That is just what happened to us. We came home, and as soon as we opened the door I knew my naughty, but sweet little kitty did not make it to her litter box! What do you do first? Spray, Clean, Open Up Every Single Window. Well, we will give you all the proper steps to make sure the smell and the stain get resolved right away, and the natural way as well! Here are some easy steps to follow to make sure you get your house and rug or carpet clean again!

Steps to cleaning your rug from pet stains

1. Open the windows if you can to let in fresh air because I’m sure it is not a great scent
2. Locate all the locations where you find or smell the pet presents
3. Place a paper towel on each location if more than one.
4. If the stain is already dry, spray with water
5. If the stain is fresh, then mix a spray bottle with 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of vinegar. This will help clean the stain plus it will safely kill the smell and bacteria. Once it is complete wet with this mixture, let it sit for about 30 minutes allowing it to kill the germs.
6. Blot, don’t rub the stain. I like to use a white cloth like a cheese cloth. Very absorbent and easy to see when it’s clean again! Do not completely dry the carpet or rug.
7. Sprinkle a lot of baking soda on top of the stain…or if you wish to sprinkle the entire rug or carpet! Baking soda absorbs smells from the fibers so it wouldn’t hurt to give it all a good cleaning! If you can do this at night so it can sit over night to allow for best results! If you can’t wait that long, then allow it to sit for at least 1-2 hours!
8. Once you can feel the rug is dry, grab your vacuum and slowly vacuum up all the baking soda from your carpet or rug. I go over it twice and from different directions to ensure a good cleaning.
9. If the stain is still there repeat the process just make sure you allow time for it to sit! This is the key for a good cleaning! You can’t rush getting out a stain like this!
**Another great tip is to try Hydrogen Peroxide if this stain is really hard to get out! Test a small area on your rug to make sure it won’t stain it, but I have used this before, and it knocks out stains like red clay, chocolate, mustard and both kind of pet stains! Just soak the stain and let it sit, blot the stain don’t rub and then repeat steps 4-8!

Hopefully, these steps help you as much as they help me! If you take your time with this process, you should only have to do these once! If you have other tips and tricks for pet stains, we would love to hear them! If you have used this recipe for your stain, please let us know too how it worked for you!

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