Cleaning Tips Using Hand Sanitizer

Cleaning Tips Using Hand Sanitizer

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With back to school shopping right around the corner parents will be buying hand sanitizer gel for their child’s classrooms by the buckets. Supply lists are filled with requests for the odd smelling, cool, slimy gel that I call “germ jello” in my classroom. No matter what you call it, I believe it is one of the best kept cleaning secrets out there. By using hand sanitizer as a cleaning agent, not only will you be leaving things nice and clean you will also be eliminating germs from those things as well. I encourage you to try these tips and see how easy it is to clean using hand sanitizer.

Tops 4 Cleaning Tips Using Hand Sanitizer

1. Hand sanitizer and a pencil eraser make for a quick removal of permanent marker off of smooth surfaces such as plastic cups, notebooks, laminated surfaces. Squirt a small amount on the surface. Rub across the affected area with a pencil eraser. Once the permanent marker is loosened, wipe clean with a soft towel.

2. Apply a small amount of hand sanitizer on each side of your eyeglass lenses. Wipe clean with a soft towel. The sanitizer leaves your glasses clean and streak free while eliminating any possible germs that could possibly affect your eyes.

3. Apply a small amount of sanitizer to bathroom or kitchen faucets and wipe clean with a soft cloth. The surface will be shiny and sanitized.

4. Squirt some hand sanitizer on a paintbrush and work it in to soften the dried on paint. Hand sanitizer will remove paint on clothing and overspray. If you make a mistake and get paint in an area on something you are painting, just dab a little hand sanitizer on the problem area with a paint brush and it will come right off.

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