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Natural all purpose cleaner recipe


all purpose natural cleaner

I am convinced that cleaning is a great stress release. This natural all purpose cleaner recipe is my resolution to harmful cleaners. I am also convinced with three children it is a never ending task. I am a chemist so I enjoy mixing up things that work. This is what I found to work best on all the messes my children make. I used it to clean our refrigerator which you can see in our all  Natural Refrigerator Cleaning Tips post. Then I used it to clean where the kids touch, sit, eat, and where my wife cooks. I can’t tell you how nice it is to smell this spray and see the problem disappear. I love using a little elbow grease and seeing sparkling results.

This is what I suggest for your every day needs. You can buy the oils in my Men Clean store. I found ones that work online and they aren’t expensive.

all purpose cleaner

Natural all purpose cleaner recipe



Natural all purpose cleaner recipes

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