Tips for Cleaning Jewelry at Home

Tips for Cleaning Jewelry at Home


Tips for Cleaning Jewelry at Home, How many times have you bought jewelry and it changed color or it breaks or turns no matter how much you spend on it? My wife has experience these problems with her jewelry, so I decided to surprise her by cleaning and fixing her jewelry. Here are my few tips on how to keep your jewelry looking new and sparkling!

Tips for Cleaning Jewelry at Home

cleaning jewelry at home

1. Where are you keeping your jewelry. A lot of people make the big mistake of leaving it in the bathroom because when you go home you take it off and just go in the shower. Well did you know that moisture from the shower will turn your jewelry faster than you thing. So keep your jewelry in a jewelry box or in the box it came in and in a dark and dry space.

2. Here is a great tip too. CHALK!!! Go to the store and buy a box of chalk and place a stick in the drawers of your jewelry box.

3.Cleaning your jewelry is very easy. Once in a while just give your jewelry a good cleaning. Think about it. Its laying on your skin. Sweat and oils can really harm your jewelry if its not cleaned once in a while. But don’t go buying expensive jewelry cleaning. You can clean your gold and silver jewelry with just some mild soap, soft brush (toothbrush works great) and warm water!! Just Dry each piece really really well. After a while gold and silver jewelry will turn reddish, or grey or even a yellowish color because of the PH in your skin, so either take it to your jeweler or you can buy a soft cloth available at your local jewelry store that’s meant for tarnishing jewelry.

4. When do you put it on and when do you take it off. Okay, jewelers have an easy rule. Put your jewelry on when you are about to walk out the door and take your jewelry off when you walk back in the door. Most of us put on our jewelry once we get dressed. But if you go back into the bathroom and put on hairspray or perfume it can actually HARM your jewelry!!! Especially your pearls.

5. Don’t Shower in your jewelry. Seems like a no brainer but I hear all the time people showering with their jewelry on. So why not? One, it could break and go down the drain. It’s not only that, but another important thing to know is that after a while the soap that doesn’t get out will really harm your jewelry.

6. Self repairing your jewelry. Getting long necklaces caught in the shopping car or around anything and SNAP. Your necklace breaks. Well if it doesn’t break into a million piece usually its just a simple O ring that you can use a simple tool like jewelry pliers you can get at any craft store to close it back up. OR if you know a jewelry lady call her up to see if she can help out.

There are 6 S’s that you should not do with jewelry on.

1. Sleep
2. Spray – hairspray, cologne or perfume
3. Swim
4. Shower
5. Sweat – other than daily activities don’t go to the gym with it on.
6. Sanitize – Chemicals can harm your rings over time.

Hopefully these tips for Cleaning Jewelry at Home will keep your jewelry looking brand new much longer!!!

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