Natural Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

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Natural Refrigerator Cleaning Tips

Fridge cleaning steps:

Tools –

All Natural all Purpose Spray



Razor blade scraper – pack of four (at dollar store)

Paper towel

Watch my video below:

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You tube cleaning Video

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Natural Refrigerator Cleaning Tips Steps

1. Clean out your Refrigerator – Great time to solicit help from your kids – Take everything out, throw away expired articles. Be cognizant of time and keep articles in cool environment as you begin to sanitize the fridge.


2. Refresher Cleaner shelves My homemade cleaner has no chemicals – vinegar, boiling water,baking soda, and essential oils. Keeps the Fridge Clean by spraying down all areas in the Fridge and letting the spray penetrate the residue and stains.

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3. Remove and Clean bins. As the Refresher cleaner is soaking into the shelves, take out the bins, empty the crumbs, and spray them down in the sink with refresher spray as well.


4. Scrape and wipe shelves – with your razor blade, go around the shelves and remove left over juice, syrup and other hard to remove emulsified liquids. They should come off fairly easily since your spray has been soaking away. Once scraped down, re-spray and wipe down with rag.

6. Wipe down Fridge sides, undersides of shelves, hard to reach placed There will always be areas that you can not see that harbor germs. Look under the shelves in the bracket areas, on the sides of the fridge and of course the lowest bottom area where liquids will conjugate. Spray down with Refresher and wipe.

7. Kill Oder – This is accomplished with the refresher spray. No extra step needed.

7. Put bins back –

8. One last wipe down – take paper towel with a small amount of refresher, wipe down horizontals and verticals one more time removing your finger prints and any last spots. Also do this with the bottles and food containers you put back in.

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10. Finishing touches – quick sweep under and wipe up top. Save the Freezer for another day as that can take just as long to do properly (future Men Clean article). Last touch, clean the outside doors with rage and refresher spray!

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