Don’t Get Caught Without these this holiday season

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Don’t Get Caught Without these this holiday season

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Yes it is that time of year again. Friends and family from far and near will be stopping by whether you are ready or not! Let’s be frank… it is embarrassing to find yourself sitting on the toilet in need of toilet paper. Maybe you have to bang on the wall or yell to get your host’s attention to ask for toilet paper. Even worse, what if your wife has to run out to the store to get more milk and that is when your sister in law needs to know where she keeps the tampons, yikes!!! These embarrassing awkward moments can be avoided with the proper planning and organization. We don’t want you to get caught in a messy or awkward situation. So here are a few tips to help you prepare this Holiday Season!

I now keep a small basket in the guest bathroom and even in our hall bathroom for our guests! I keep it fully stocked so that way if there is a need it is there! You will be the Holiday Hero for having this basket so full and prepared! Here is a list of items that I keep handy! Find all these plus more here.
  • Charmin Toilet Paper 
  • Febreze
  • Always
  • Tampax
  • Downy Unstopables
  • Bounty 
  • Dawn Dish Soap

We always keep Charmin toilet paper in our home, it is a staple in our house hold! We use what works. I can’t stand THIN toilet paper. Such a waste! For the aftermath we also keep on hand Febreze. Don’t Get Caught Without it! We have small children too and it really kills the smell of diapers like you wouldn’t believe! Or it can also take care of the smell in the kitchen if your meal is not going according to plan! Ladies, I beg of you, for your sake and especially your husbands please keep Always and Tampax on hand and close by so that awkward moment doesn’t happen and we get stuck trying to figure out what she needs! Finally, we also use Downy Unstopables in our laundry! It keeps our bath towels and hand towels smelling great for weeks. It might not be everyday that you have visitors come, but when they show up you can be sure that the towels you washed 4 weeks ago still smell great and fresh! Keeping these items in your home and stocked up is a great #HostingHacks


Speaking of keeping these items in stock, Costco is prepped and ready to serve you during this Holiday Season. You can pick up all these Procter & Gamble items we mentioned plus more such as; Tide Advance Power, Tide Pods, Gain Original Fresh, Downy April Fresh, Cascade Pacs, Febreze Car, Swiffer Refills for Wet, Dry and Dusters 180s, Mr Clean Magic Erasers, Tide Powder, Tide Original, Bounce, Downy Infusions, Cascade Advanced Power Powder or Cascade Advanced Power Gel.

As you can see Costco is full of items that you use on a daily bases and now you can be stocked and ready for when your guest arrive. No more, Let me run out real quick missing out on fun and special moments. This one stop shop Has It All! You can be the Hostess of the Holidays by shopping at Costco AND Don’t Get Caught Without these items!

Check out all Costco’s amazing, Don’t Get Caught Without products here. And please share with us how you keep stocked and prepared for when your guests arrive.
We want to hear and see your great ideas!


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