Take back your space with Ziploc® Space Bags® at Lowe’s

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Take back your space with Ziploc® Space Bags® at Lowe’s

Do your blankets consume your couch? Is your closet so full you can’t even move the hangers in your closet? It’s time take back your space! With these simple tips, you can take back your space and get organized! This is a great time to do it as well because spring is almost over, summer is right around the corner and no one wants to feel cluttered. Take those blankets off the couch, grab the coats out of your closet, and store them in Ziploc® Space Bags®. Not only will you get your space back, but you will have freed up so much space your home will feel brighter and cleaner!

Winter blues sticking around because you have nowhere to sit because blankets are taking over? Are your clothes wrinkled due to overcrowded closets? Head to Lowe’s and check out the Organization aisle and get a few boxes of Ziploc® Space Bags®. Two of my favorite Ziploc® Space Bags® are the Ziploc® Space Bags® 2 Cube Variety Pack and the Ziploc® Flexible Totes XL. I can declutter my house with these bags in no time. I just grabbed all the items off my couch and closet and tossed them on my bed. I filled my Ziploc® Space Bag® with everything that I collected. I let the air out and was able to store them under my bed where it was out of the way, and I have the reassurance that they are clean and will be dust free for when I need them again later on!

The Ziploc® Space Bags® have three times the storage compared to the uncompressed storage volume. I can rest assured that the Ziploc® Space Bags® will keep my blankets and clothes protected from bugs especially moths, mildew, and dust! I keep these Ziploc® Space Bags® under my bed, and, let’s face it, I clean under my bed every single week so that no dust bunnies will dirty my clothing. I can open up the bags anytime and use all my stuff without feeling like I need to wash it before use! The Ziploc® Space Bags® have a double zipper, and it’s easy to slide open and closed, making it easy to reuse! Once I take out my fall and winter clothes, I can just refill them with my spring and summer items, again allowing me to keep my closet free and open for what I need to wear! Plus, my favorite part about using these Ziploc® Space Bags® is watching them shrink! I do fill these bags as much as I am allowed. Watching them shrink is exciting, and I know that I am getting my space back!

So, I head over to Lowe’s (aisle 11 in my store is the Home Organization) and I was able to find several options from Ziploc® Big Bags XL so that I can fill with all my son’s sports equipment, and I can put our winter blankets or winter clothes in them.  My personal favorite is Ziploc® Space Bags® 2 Cube Variety Pack. I fill this bag as much as it will allow (don’t overfill though because you won’t want to break this bag) and I can suck out all the air with my vacuum to shrink this bag and take back my space! I love that part! I trust Ziploc® Space Bags® over any other bag or container because with its new film with shield technology offers the toughest protection! If you do not have a local Lowe’s you can even order them online here.

So How to #OrganizeWithZiplocSpaceBags

Here are some EASY tips to get Organized with Ziploc® Space Bags®

  1. Head to Lowe’s, Aisle 11, Home Organization and pick up a few boxes of Ziploc® Space Bags®.
  2. Head home and take a quick walk around the house and get all the blankets that you won’t be using this season.
  3. Wash and dry them completely, so they are fresh and ready to go into your Ziploc® Space Bags®

           Fold your blankets so that you can get the maximum space from your bag.

  1. Fill your Ziploc® Space Bags® to the allowed requirement and seal shut.

How to pack your Ziploc® Flexible Totes


  1. Lay your jacket or sweatshirt on the bed.
  2. Fold the bottom half of the jacket up towards the top of the jacket
  3. Fold in the arms
  4. Then fold the jacket in half
  5. You can place several winter coats and jackets in your Ziploc® Flexible tote.

Added tip: I love to toss a dryer sheet inside each of my bags. It will lock in the fresh scent, so when you open your bag, it will still smell like it came out of your dryer!

Just do the same for your closets. Take out what you won’t use this season, fold and store in your Ziploc® Space Bags® to take back your space! For more ideas and tips check out the Ziploc® Facebook Page or their website.

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