How To Clean Humidifier with Vinegar

How To Clean Humidifier with Vinegar

How To Clean Humidifier with Vinegar is easy with these few tips.

Easy Cleaning Tips with Vinegar

Winter is such a dry season, and a Cool Mist Humidifiers help cut the dry air. Keeping your Cool Mist Humidifier clean is crucial. It’s not hard to clean, but if you don’t clean the humidifier it will become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and viruses which will do more harm and will compromise the health of you and your family! How To Clean Humidifier with Vinegar is easy with these few tips.

How To Clean Humidifier with Vinegar is easy and will keep your family breathing easier! Here is how you can keep your humidifier clean.

  1. Take apart your humidifier; take off the tank and the nozzle on top.
  2. Pour about a 1/2 to 1 cup of White Vinegar in the base of your humidifier. Let this sit for at least 30 minutes
  3. Carefully pour out the vinegar after about 30 minutes and use a soft sponge or soft cloth and wipe it out thoroughly.
  4. Fill the tank with water and add 1/2 cup of vinegar, put the humidifier back together and run the humidifier to allow the vinegar water mixture to run through the whole machine to clean the entire machine.
  5. After about 20 minutes empty the tank and base and rinse with clean water.
  6. I run the humidifier with fresh water for about an hour to make sure it is all clean.
  7. Take everything apart again to allow it dry thoroughly before storing away or reusing!

How To Clean A Cool Mist Humidifier

Do this vinegar cleanse every week or even every other week will prevent your machine from build up, it will also keep your family safe.

Once your humidifier is empty or if you just need to fill it up with water to get through the night you will need to empty out the tank and base thoroughly and fill with Freshwater! Using fresh water every time keeps bacteria out as well. When you keep the water fresh, the old water can’t cycle through and will prevent bacteria from growing.

How to clean humidifier is super easy but take note that each humidifier is different so check out your make and model and website.

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