Many Uses of Lemon Juice for Cleaning

Many Uses of Lemon Juice for Cleaning

Many Uses of Lemon Juice

There are several ways to clean with lemon juice and I just wanted to share with you a many uses of lemon juice that maybe you might not have thought of before.

Many Uses of Lemon Juice for Cleaning

Lemon juice actually is a great to use to disinfect several areas in your home. But did you know you can use lemon juice for preserving your food?? YES, just place a few drops over your fruit before putting it back in your fridge to help them from turning that nasty brown color and wasting money! Or you can squeeze about one lemon in a bowl of cold water and put your droopy lettuce in it for about about an hour to help revive them before serving!

After making dinner if you have leftovers you need to put in the fridge or if you just want to get rid of the smell of dinner faster here is a great trick, cut up a lemon or just use freshly squeezed lemon juice in a bowl to remove bad smells from your refrigerator, cutting board, microwave or anywhere else that needs a good deodorizing. I even have used it in my daughters diaper genie!! You can even add it to the cooking water of stinky foods like cabbage, or just simmer lemon peel in water on the stovetop as a natural air freshener.

Bug season is basically over or should be, but if you use this trick in the early Spring you should be pest free! Take fresh lemon juice (without the pulp) and brush it around your window sills, baseboards, all your doorways and even around your air vents. Not only will your house smell great but it will keeps the flies, spiders, fleas, and even roaches away because they do not like the smell. If you add a little to your solution when you wash your floors as well this will help too!!

Now is the time when we all have sore throats from colds so if you gargle an 1/8 of a cup of WARM water and a teaspoon of lemon juice you should be feeling better in no time. Just repeat as much as you can. To help with the flavor as well you can add some local honey. Local honey will help with your allergies as well!

We just bought an older house and you need help getting rid of rust stains in your bathroom or other stains in your toilet just add make a paste with Borax and lemon juice and scrub. Let it sit for about an hour or even better two if you can then scrub clean. Should be good as new again.

I saved the best for last. Did you run out of deodorant or did it wear off before the day ended??? Im serious!!!! Next time, grab your lemon from your drinking glass run to the bathroom and rub it underneath your arm pits!!! IT WORKS! Not only will it cut the smell but it will actually odor causing bacteria as well!

Hopefully some of these tips are helpful to you as well!!! I would love to hear from you as well if you have some unusual ways you use your lemon juice. If you have a story or idea please share with us. I’d love to hear from you.

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