Top Down Cleaning Up Day – Cleaning Ceiling Fans, Light Fixtures, and more…

How to clean your blinds, curtains, light fixtures, fans, and vents

We have been sharing how we compartmentalize and clean specific area of the house. This is an efficient way to complete an all over deep clean without getting overwhelmed. Today I want to share with you my plan of attack for cleaning blinds, curtains, light fixtures, fans, and vents.

Top Down Cleaning Up

Here are the steps I take for top down cleaning up day:

1. Take down all the curtains or window treatments. I do this first so I can get the washer started so that the washing can be running while I am tackling the rest.

2. Dust the tops of the window frames. Then dust the blinds. The best tool for dusting just about anything is the Swiffer Duster. Children as young as 3 can dust things around the house like the baseboards with the Swiffer Dusters.

Top Down Cleaning Dusting tool

3.Then wash the windows. It is easier to wash the windows when the curtains are not in the way. I use this home made cleaner.

(At any point, during this process if you washing cycle finishes, go ahead and put the curtains in the dryer)

Top Down Cleaning Ceiling Fan

4. Next it is time for cleaning ceiling fans. Dust the fan blades. Again, the Swiffer Duster works great.

5. Remove the light fixture covers and replace any burnt out bulbs and clean the covers. I use the same vinegar based home made cleaning solution for this task also.

6. Replace the light fixture covers.

7. Next, I tackle the vents for the heating system. I dust the vent with the Swiffer Duster and then remove the cover.

8. Replace the filter. Set a schedule to do this 1-2 a year depending on your manufacturer recommendations. A clean filter helps your heating/cooling system run more efficiently.

9. Hang the curtains back up as soon as they dry to avoid wrinkles. If needed you should iron the curtains before hanging them.

10. Finally, I run the vacuum. I want to make sure any dust or dirt particles that may have fallen on the floor when I was dusting the ceiling fans or cleaning the light fixtures get swept up.

Did I miss anything? What do you do differently? What is your favorite method for cleaning ceiling fans, blinds, curtains, and air vents? Please share your ideas and tips with us. Happy Cleaning!

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