How To Do An Oil Change In Less Than 30 Minutes

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Summer vacation season is upon us, and one of the most important things you can do to your car is to do an oil change. This can be complicated, but I have broken down all the steps so you can do this with ease by using my oil change checklist. You will be able to do the oil change faster and faster each time, and You can change your oil within 30 minutes!

Here’s my Oil Change Checklist!

How to do an oil change

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Here is my Oil Change Checklist to help you:

  1. Gather tools to complete the oil change
    • Wrench
    • oil pan
    • old sheet/drop cloth
    • rag/old t-shirt
    • new oil
    • new oil filter
    • funnel
    • ramps
      How to an oil change
  2. Make sure the car is on level ground with wheels straight. Place ramps in front of the tires, making sure they are touching the tires.
    How to change your oil
  3. Slowly pull forward until the tires are on the flat part of the ramp. Place car in park and even lock the brakes.
  4. Turn off the engine. *If you have been driving for a while let the car cool down completely before proceeding to the next steps!*
  5. Pop the hood of the car and prop it open   oil change
  6. Remove the oil cap. *removing the oil cap allows air to enter the oil system so the oil can drain faster!*
  7. Place drop cloth /sheet between the ramps and under the oil pan to protect your driveway from stains and splashes!
  8. Place oil pan under the oil tank of your car.
  9. Take a wrench and loosen the bolt on the bottom of the tank. If this is the first time, you have removed the bolt it could be harder to do because the place, where you get it done really, make it harder to come off! *Again if you have been driving a while the oil in the car will be hot, let the car cool before doing this step! As you remove the bolt apply pressure with the bolt against the oil tank to prevent oil from draining and running down your arm. Oil may be HOT!How to do an oil change
  10. Once the oil has drained, about a minute, replace the bolt and tighten!
    how to do an oil change
  11. Locate your oil filter and place an oil pan under to catch oil that will drain from the filter.
  12. Unscrew old oil filter.
  13. Remove new filter from the box and with your finger, wipe some oil on the rubber ring on the bottom of the new filter. *this creates a tighter seal when securing the new filter.
  14. Secure new oil filter
  15. Clean up any oil on the bottom of the car with you rag.
  16. Once new filter and bolt on oil pan are tight, place the funnel into the hole where you removed the oil cap under the hood and pour the vehicles required amount of oil into the funnel.
  17. Remove funnel using your rag to wipe away residue oil from the funnel.
    how to change oil
  18. Replace oil cap
  19. Start the car and slowly back up off of the ramps
  20. Turn off the car and check the oil level with the dipstick. *check the oil level twice to make sure the oil level is correct. Remember to wipe oil from the dipstick after each check to make sure you have an accurate reading.
  21. If the oil level is low, add more oil. If the oil level is correct; close the hood!
    how to change your oil
  22. Recycle old oil where you bought your oil from. You can do this by pouring the old oil from the drip pan into the bottles of the new oil! Throw away the old oil filter in the box the new oil filter came in!
  23. Final tip, reset your trip gauge and once you hit 7000 you know you need to change the oil again!
    How to change your oil

It isn’t that hard, though it does seem like a lot of steps. Once you get it down you can do it in less than 30 minutes, and you won’t want to pay someone else to do it ever again. Save yourself a trip to the store and get your oil on rollback at Platinum Synthetic today!

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