Road Trip Tips and Rollbacks

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Road Trip Tips and Rollbacks

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Wow Summer vacations are upon us and they are a love hate relationship in our car. What about you? Through trial and error we have some road trip tips and tricks for you all as you travel with your young ones. We also want to share with you how Walmart Automotive Car Center can make getting ready for road trips easier! Walmart can really be your one stop shop for everything you need. From snacks, games and even oil changes! That’s right they have a great rollback sale on oil changes! See how these tips will help your road trip becomes less of a worries and more relaxing!

Before you can go anywhere you need to make sure your car is ready for a road trip. Without this step you might not get very far! I trust and went to Walmart Automotive Car Center to get an oil change exactly one week before our trip. I woke up very early and took my car into the Walmart Automotive Car Center to avoid any long waits because the Walmart Automotive Car Center is a very popular place and trusted place to get an oil change! It was very simple. I simply pulled in asked for the Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® motor oil change because the Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® motor oil helps clean out the sludge lesser oils leave behind, while helping to reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines.
Right now if your car is high mileage you can get a Rollback price of $35.88 now until September 28, 2016! Go here to find your Walmart Automotive Car Center.
Getting the oil change was quick and simple. I was able to grocery shop while I waited as well! Once I was done I was able to fill my car with my groceries and leave and knew my car was road trip worthy!

Make sure your car is Summer ready and save at the same time!

We recently took a road trip to Hershey, PA and that was about a four and half hour drive that honestly took five and half due to bathroom and stretch breaks! Though I remember trips like this use to take a lot longer due to not planning! Here are some tips on How to keep your kids entertained while on a long road trip!
Planning is the biggest step! We keep a small cooler in the car filled with drinks to keep our kids hydrated! Even saves money when you do go into water or theme parks too! Keep everyone hydrated! Then pack plenty of snacks in zip lock baggies with different variety too! Keeping drinks and snacks in the car will avoid the, I’m hungry, stop! I also keep track of how much fluids I give the kids as well! I try to avoid too many drinks especially in the beginning of the trip because it won’t be but an hour down the road and you are taking the, I need to go potty, stop.
Keep a folder basket or magazine rack also in between the seat as well and fill them with books! I get our kids to read as much as possible in the beginning of the trip too! Movies and electronics are good too but if you can get them to start by reading a new book that they haven’t read before this could save you at least an hour or two depending on how old your kids are! Next I keep a bag of games that are handheld, with no small pieces to be lost in between the seats!
My daughter also loves to color. We get her a new mess free coloring book every trip! The markers go in her cup holder and if she isn’t being neat they won’t ruin the seats!
You can also play games together in the car. We love to look for letters in the alphabet. Start with A and end with Z first one to get through each letter wins! We also keep a notebook in the car and we will write down every state we see, trying to find as many as we possible can find!
Doing all of these and planning ahead of time really will save you some heart ache! You know your kids better than anyone, If movies and games work for them, pack them, lots of them!
Using containers to divide everything up too will make finding everything easier too for you! Then when you are home you just have three or four containers to put away rather than sorting thought bags of mixed toys and games.
Of course with my kids they tend to crash as well shortly after we hit the road. Make sure you bring a blanket and pillow as well because you know someone will ask for sure!
I hope these ideas can help you have a more relaxing adventure with your younger ones.
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