How To Get Your Car Summer Ready

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School is almost over which means vacation will be just around the corner. I like to plan ahead and get my car Summer Ready before it’s too late. With the help of FRAM Engine Air Filter at Walmart and these other great tips, your car will be Summer Ready! Changing your FRAM Engine Air Filter is quick and easy. I’m sharing with you my tips on how to change engine air filter.

How to Change Car Engine Air Filter


The reason it is so important to change the Car Engine Air Filter is that the filter will catch dust and debris along with bug and if it does not change often enough it can get through the filter and ruin your engine! On the other hand, do not let a mechanic tell you that you needed it when it wasn’t time for a new one as well. Then that will only hurt your wallet! Usually, you will need to change it every 12,000 miles depending on where you are located. Follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner’s manual. You can look up your vehicle here to order or pick up your FRAM Engine Air Filter at WalMart.

How to get your car summer ready with FRAM

Even on the box it will tell you that changing your Car Engine Air Filter should only take about 5 minutes, and they are right. I was able to change out the filter in less than 2 minutes, and if it allows my car to run safer and longer it is worth every minute!

Quick tutorial on How To Change Your Car Engine Air Filter

Step One: Purchase your FRAM Car Engine Filter in-store or online here .

How to Get Your Car Summer Ready with FRAM

Step Two: Locate the hood release and pull to allow the hood to open.

How to Get Your Car Summer Ready with FRAM

Step Three: Pull up on the hood release to not open the hood.

How to Get Your Car Summer Ready with FRAM

Step Four: Lift the hood prop to allow you to work. Make sure it is secure too! How to Get Your Car Summer Ready with FRAM

Step Five: Locate the Engine Air compartment and open. Most cars do not need any tools for this. It is usually just a tab or flap you lift up. Check your car manual if you think you might need tools or need help finding the Engine Air Filter. How to Get Your Car Summer Ready with FRAM

Step Six: Remove Engine Air Filter, again check to see if it needs changing.

Step Seven: Place new FRAM Engine Air Filter back in and put the old filter in the box the new filter came in and throw it away! How to Get Your Car Summer Ready with FRAM

Step Eight: Close lid and hood of car and your are done!

You can also check out FRAM’s video on how to change your FRAM Engine Air Filter in less than 5 minutes here! For more info on FRAM, you can also check out their website here.

Not hard at all and now it is good to go for all your Summer trips! Air filters are your engine’s first line of defense against dust and debris. Keeping a clean FRAM Engine Air Filter in your car can increase acceleration, horsepower, and improve overall engine performance. Even though it says, it can last up to 12,000 miles check it before every trip to make sure nothing got caught in it or if it got dirty faster. This is your engine we are talking about!

To ensure your car is Summer Ready here are some other tips I do before taking our car on vacation, Here is a quick tutorial on How To Get Your Car Summer Ready.

Step One: Check and Change the Engine Air Filter – Completed

Step Two: Check and Change the oil in your car. How to get your car summer ready

Step Three: Test your car battery, you can do this at a local auto part store usually for free. If it needs replacing they will replace them for free when you buy a battery there as well too.

how to get your car summer ready

Step Four: Fill your windshield wiper fluid

how to get your car summer ready

Step Five: Check and Fill your Power Steering Fluid if needed.

how to get your car summer ready

Step Six: Check and Fill your Break Fluid if needed.

how to get your car summer ready

Step Seven: Check your coolant, please make sure your car is completely cool before checking this!

Step Eight: Check and Fill your tires with air to make sure your tires are ready for a long distance road trip. You can see how full they need to be by checking your manual.  how to get your car summer ready

Step Nine: Fill your car with gas.

Finally, check inside the car, make sure the air conditioner is working well, or heat. Make sure the car is clean inside and out for a fun and exciting trip!

Doing all this will help your vacation be stress-free! Fix any issues now than skip something and be half way to your destination and have to fix a flat tire or fix the radiator! I hope these tips help you and keep your car running well this Summer.

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