Organizing Lunch Box for Kids

Organizing Lunch Box for Kids

Lunch Box for Kids

It’s back to school time which means time to pack lunches. Standing in the school supply section of the local store I am in awe of the lunchbox choices available. Just choosing a lunchbox can be intimidating let alone trying to fill it with healthy kid approved food. What I’ve learned over the years is that there really are no rules to providing an appropriate lunch for kids. Sandwiches are not necessary and can overwhelm small children; they are just too big. Providing smaller portions of various types of food eliminates lunch box boredom and helps promote eating a variety of healthy foods. Following a few simple tips in lunch box organization you will find that your children will be happier, healthier and excited about their mid-day meal.

5 Tips for Organizing Lunch Box for Kids

1. Freezing tubes of yogurt, water bottles or juice boxes will eliminate the need for an ice pack. By lunchtime these items will be thawed enough for consumption and you won’t have to deal with wet slimy ice packs.

2. Small lid locking containers filled with berries, crackers, cheese, and cubed meat lined along the bottom of the lunchbox will create a base for the rest of the items to be stacked.

3. Sectioned lunch containers are also a great option for several food items to be placed in one place. These containers will work well in the bottom of a lunchbox much like the lid locking ones. Fill each section with small portions of your child’s favorite foods; much like those sectioned cheese/cracker/meat products sold in the grocery store.

4. Crushable snack items or raw vegetables can be placed in zip top bags on top of the containers. Leaving a little air in each bag will create a small cushion for protection.

5. Eating utensils, napkins, wet wipes etc. should be placed on top for easy access.

Happy Lunch Packing!

Do you have tips for Organizing Lunch Box for Kids? Share it with us below.

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