Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips While the Kids Take a Bath

Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips While the Kids Take a Bath

Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips

With the busy days of summer still in full swing it can be harder to carve out time to clean your home. We have been traveling, going to the pool, soccer practices, and enjoying fun summer activities every day. So at the end of the day when the kids are soaking off the dirt from the day and having more fun in the tub I do my ten minute bathroom cleaning tips so that it stays tidy in between major bathroom cleanings.

Alright, so as a parent you know when you are giving young kids a bath that you have to stay in the bathroom to supervise for safety reasons so while you are trapped in the bathroom why not take a few minutes to clean it up. I keep a few cleaning supplies in a child safe storage box under the sink but if you need to be sure to gather some cleaning supplies before heading into the bathroom.

Quick Bathroom Cleaning Tips Routine:

1. Put the kid(s) in the tub with lots of toys, bubbles, or whatever keeps them happy for 10-15 minutes so you can get your cleaning done.

2.  Gather all the dirty towels, washcloths, hand towels, and any other random garments left behind by the children. Make a pile outside the bathroom door to take to the laundry room when you are done with bath time.

3. Squirt toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet. Close the lid and let it sit for a minute while you wipe down the outside of the toilet. This is another bathroom mystery…how does the outside of the toilet get so messy? I use disinfecting wipes for this job.

4. Wipe down the sink and counter. I also use disinfecting wipes for this. Then clean the mirror with glass cleaner and paper towels.

5. Scrub the toilet and wipe down the seat and inside of the lid with disinfecting wipes. Remove the trash bag from the trash can and tie it up. Add it to the pile of laundry so you can take it out later. Replace the trash bag. I keep a small roll of trash bags in the bathroom too.

That’s it! You would be surprised by how quickly you can get these 5 simple steps completed. The kids are happy in the tub and your bathroom looks 10 times better. This will also make it easier to do the full bathroom cleaning job when you have more time to get it done.

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