Speedy Fall Cleaning Checklist

Speedy Fall Cleaning Checklist

Speedy Fall Cleaning checklist

Fall Cleaning can be very overwhelming. There is so much to do and the regular house cleaning is behind too. Sound like you too? I’ve made a quick Fall Cleaning Checklist of the essential things that need the most cleaning moving into Fall.

This is something a wise woman taught me growing up, it doesn’t have to take all day or be overwhelming. Just make a list and either work on one room a day or pick one thing from the list and just do One a Day!

  1. The best part of Fall is opening your windows, letting the fresh breeze blow in…..Along with all the pollen that has been sitting there since the end of Spring!! I carry a bucket of HOT water and Dawn soap (maybe even a few drops of orange essential oil to keep bugs away or see 10 Natural ways to get rid of ants.)  and a microfiber cloth or sponge and wipe the window sills and screens. Then I clean the glass windows with vinegar. I wait for a cloudy day to do this so that you can make sure you get it all leaving no streaks.
  2. While you are there at the windows go ahead and knock out those blinds too. I use the best invention ever, Swiffer Dusters!! To save you time and suffering just remember work your way from the top to the bottom! This is another great article to on Top Down Cleaning Up Day.
  3. Don’t leave your windows just yet, take down your curtains and while you are at it your shower curtains and liners. Throw them in the wash on delicate cycle. Just don’t put the shower liner in the dryer. I just hang it back up to air dry!
  4. Just put another swiffer dust and go around your house quickly dusting all your ceiling fans and light fixtures. They collect dust so easily!
  5. Just because you might not see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Yes, going back to Swiffer, I use the dry dust mop and from wall to wall, top to bottom I glide it across. You would be amazed how much it will pick up! Dust and small spider webs.
  6. Once or twice a year its good to really scrub your floors. I mean get on your hands and knees type of cleaning. (Or hire someone) I use some cheap knee pads from our home improvement store which takes all the pressure away and I breeze right threw it! But you would be amazed what you will find, I also take my microfiber cloth and wipe the molding down too while I’m down there!
  7. Vacuum in and between all the seat cushions then move the couch over and get underneath it too! I do under the beds too while I’m working on it.
  8. Replace ALL the batteries in the smoke and carbon detectors! Trust me its worth changing them NOW verses in the middle of the night when its beeping! That and you want them to work!
  9. Change/Clean all filters in the house. Especially your furnace filter. These should be changed every 3 months!
  10. If you didn’t get a chimney guy to clean your chimney in the Spring please do so now!
  11. Check around your house for weather stripping and caulking! Doing this will save you money once you have to turn the heat on!
  12. Drain and store your water hose! And the pool too!
If you want to do more and really get down and dirty try this Fall Cleaning Checklist.
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