Back to School Cleaning Checklist

Back to School Cleaning Checklist

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Back to School Cleaning Checklist

Back to School Cleaning Checklist 1

Back to school is such great thing! It can also become very overwhelming! We want to help you with that to do list. There are ten things we will discuss to help you make sure that your home is Back-to-School Ready! Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products not only smell amazing but are powerful against dirt and grime! See how we used Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products in our home to get the house Back-to-School Ready in just ten simple steps. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® believes in a better way to get a good clean and so do we!

In just ten easy steps we will break down how you can be Back-to-School Ready and how Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products will get you there! You won’t need to worry about harsh chemical smells because the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products are plant-derived and have essential oils in them as well! As you are cleaning you can also feel good about your purchase because, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® will donate $1 to Whole Kids Foundation for each of the first 25,000 cleaning products purchased at Whole Foods Market to help kids learn to grow and enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. Learn more about Whole Kids Foundation go to, Whole Kids Foundation website:

We broke down the Back-to-School cleaning list for you! Here is how we get Back-to-School  Ready!

  1. Playroom- No wants to go in there. I dread going in there, but it needs to be done! It’s time to organized and clean! Start in the back and make your way to the door! Go ahead and bring three trash bags with you. One for items to sell, one for trash and one for items to giveaway! Also, make sure the kids are gone and out of the house when you do this! You don’t need to hear how they still play with that. Especially if it is broken or you know, good and well they have not played with that in a long time. If I am not sure, I leave it and in 6 months when I come back in to clean this room again really well I will get rid of it then! Otherwise, it is Gone!  


  1. Car trunk and Car seats- Vacations are over! Get that car clean! We take it around the corner to get a good wash, and the machine can even wax it for us too! Then when you are done, they have vacuums for free! Before you go through, empty the car completely! Bring out two trash bags again, one for trash and one to bring back in the house to put toys and clothes away! You don’t want the school to start when you have a car full of pool noodles and sand! I used the Meyer’s Clean Day® Multi-Surface Concentrate in Lemon Verbena scent inside the car as well! It did an amazing job on our seats of the car and the dash! You can also wash car seat covers using the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent in Lemon Verbena scent to get them smelling and looking its best!

Back to School Cleaning Checklist 2

  1. Kitchen- Give your Kitchen a good once over. Clean the stove, oven, and microwave. Most of us do this on a regular basis but if you have been gone or in and out visiting the pool and friends thing build up quickly! Disinfect the sinks too! Make sure while you are in there to make sure that your pantry is ready and organized too! If you need help breaking that down, we have more tips on How to easily organize your pantry!


  1. Clean everything- Take out the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Multi-surface spray in Lemon Verbena scent and make sure everything is clean and fresh! Get the kids involved too! Spray the cloth and let them help wipe down doors and the knobs, kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator too! Make it into a game, with parent supervision of course!


  1. Entry and Hall closet- Clearing out or cleaning out the entry from beach bags and shoes will make a huge difference when you walk in! A clean entry is much more inviting than having clutter as soon as you step in! The school day with the dreaded homework load will be stressful enough you won’t want to walk in with a pile of book bags and shoes. Have a shoe rack and hangers for each child to place and hang their belongings to make life that much easier for you!
  1. Fridge and freezer- Cleaning out the fridge and freezer will help you prep meals for the new year. You won’t want to dig around looking for jelly when you have 10 minutes before the bus comes. Get what you know you will be using in the front and handy! Use the Meyer’s Clean Day® Multi-Surface Concentrate in Lemon Verbena scent inside as well to make sure it smells its best!


  1. Bed and Rug- Time for a good cleaning! Throw that comforter in the wash and grab your carpet cleaner to give your kids room facelift! Even though we don’t allow food into our kid’s rooms, somehow they still end up with food stains on them! Duvets are so much easier to clean but usually in the spring comforters are on clearance, and you can replace them for little cost if it’s that bad!


  1. Shower curtain- Toss the curtain and the shower liner in the wash! Hot cycle to disinfect and tumble dry on very low or even air-dry cycle! Hang and you are ready to go!


While you are in the bathroom the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner in Lavender scent works great on the counters, toilets and tub too!

  1. Trash can- Give that trash can a proper cleaning! You can take it even outside. Spray it down with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Multi-Surface Spray, wipe clean and air dry!


  1. Floors- Scrub, Scrub Scrub! I know this sounds horrible, but I am a firm believer of getting on my hands and knees (with knee pads) and hand washing my floors every three months or so. You will see so much more, and your floors will thank you! I used the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Multi-Surface Concentrate in Lemon Verbena scent on our floors upstairs which are laminate and tile. We recently had a flood in our basement, and I’ll show some amazing before and after photos as well how it did on our floors after that whole mess we just discovered!

back to school cleaning 3

Even if you do one of these a day you will have this knocked out in no time, and your house will not only look amazing, but also it will be clean! You and your family will feel so much better in the end! Here is a list of products that are a part of the Whole Kids Foundation, Offer valid on all scents of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Multi-Surface Spray, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Multi-Surface Concentrate, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Auto Dish Soap.


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® has a “Just Keep Making” Campaign believes that the world would be a better place if everyone was a Home Maker! I know that we all can, too. No one is perfect, not even us at MenClean! Lots of trial and error for sure! Just Get inspired. Try something new. If it doesn’t turn out perfect, it is ok! Check out more about Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®  products! Or if you would like some more DIY tips, look at this! They even have a blog too! Check out the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Blog.

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That is all for today! I hope this checklist helps you and we want to hear from you too! Tell us how Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products work in your home!


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