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Cleaning with Petroleum Jelly

Each week I would like to share with you a cleaning tips for home using items we usually have around the house. Some might seem really odd. This week I wanted to see how I could petroleum jelly. Here are a few helpful ideas when cleaning with petroleum jelly.

Cleaning Tips for Home

How many times have your kids taken their chewing gum and put somewhere other than the trash can. Well one particular child must have had gum when they went to bed and while cleaning I found it stuck to our hard wood floors. We have seen this time and time again in restaurants under the tables too. Well actually using petroleum jelly on one side where you can scrap up some, just use a plastic scrapper just keep pushing at it til it gives.

petroleum jelly


Next time you plan a romantic dinner for two and want to have some candlesticks on the table add some petroleum jelly to the bottom of the base of your candlestick holders to make it much easier to just lift away the melted wax from your beautiful holders!!!

Also if you don’t use coasters all the time and you get those rings around your dinner table or coffee table just apply some petroleum jelly in a circular motion even add a drop or two of Old English polish and let it sit overnight then wipe off in the morning.

You can also use petroleum jelly to restore and shine up your leather seats in the car. Or you can use it to restore the moisture and shine back in your leather jackets from last year. Also it would do wonders on shoes and baseball mits as well. Just apply to all of these, rub it in then wipe off any excess jelly. Should make it look good as new again.

If you love hummingbirds this is a good one. If you place a good amount on the pole that hangs your hummingbird feeder this will stop ants from getting into your sweet treat for your feathery friends! You can also do the same for your cat and dog bowls. just add to the base of their feeders as well to stop ants from making their way into the food too.

Instead of going out to buy an expensive bottle of spray for your squeaky doors try petroleum jelly next time. Works just as well and cost ten times less.

Petroleum Jelly

Also, try keeping a small tube of petroleum jelly in your purse and house this Fall and Winter. It is a great substitute for Lotion and chap stick, plus much cheaper and works very well. It also works well if you wear red lipstick. Just apply a small amount when you are ready to remove the red stains. Let it sit  for a few minutes, then wipe with a warm wash cloth.

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