Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall Cleaning Checklist

So every week we have a daily routine of things we clean. As we get closer to Halloween and Thanksgiving we start Fall Cleaning and Organizing. To save time and make sure everything gets done I made a Fall Cleaning Checklist, here are 30 things we will be cleaning in my house this Fall season.

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1. Take down all your curtains and either dry clean them or throw them in the dryer with some dryer!
2. Dust light fixtures and fans.
3. Replace light blankets with heavier ones, near couches and on beds.
4. Vacuum in and under sofas, chairs, under beds.
5. Dust lamps shades and chandeliers and replace any light bulbs burned out.
6. Shampoo all carpets and rugs. Try my Homemade Carpet Cleaner Recipe.
7. Wash windows in and out. Take down the screens and spray them down good to get off all the pollen and before putting them back clean the window sills too.
8. Open your junk drawer and organize it along with throwing away all those expired coupons.
9. Clean and organize cabinets and drawers.
10. Clean and organize the pantry cause entertaining is just around the corner.
11. Give your oven a good deep cleaning inside, out and underneath.  Check out my Best Degreaser Recipe. Same goes for the fridge and freezer. Here is my Natural Refrigerator Cleaning Tips.
12. Dishwasher Magic does an amazing job to really clean inside the dishwasher and cleans out old food and grease.
13. Wipe down the outside of the washer and dryer. Then wash the inside of the washer. (might seem odd but just add one quart of bleach and let the washed run a full load with Hot water. Also clean the dispensers where you pour the soap and fabric softener by just pouring hot water down before you begin the load.)
14. Take out Fall and Winter clothes to replace the Spring and Summer clothes in the drawers. We keep a clear container or storage bags under the bed to store til the next season. Go through the clothes from last year to make sure they still fit and are in style. If not we take them to a consignment store.
15. Flip the mattresses and wash our comforters, mattress pads, and pillows. We also sprinkle baking soda on our mattress then vacuum it up to get rid of any odors and keeps bed bugs away.
16. Clean out the medicine cabinets and get rid of any expired medications and creams. Also do the same for your make up bag.
17. Reseal grout lines if needed.
18. Pour down a bottle of drano with a snake to get out any clogs that build up.
19. Wash or replace bath rugs, towels, and shower curtains and liners.
20. Wipe down walls from ceiling to floors and baseboards.
21. Change Batteries from all smoke detectors.
22. Clean the chimney really well to get rid of any nests.
23. Shut down outdoor faucets.
24. Bring patio cushions in and cover your grill, fire pit and firewood.
25. Get your yard and garden ready for fall and winter. raking and clipping down Spring and Summer flowers that will come back next year.
26. Replace air filter.
27. Clean out gutters after all the leaves are done falling.
28. Pressure wash the patio and porch.
29. Declutter and organize the shed.
30. Clean out dryer vents and hose.

By just doing two of these a day you can knock out this whole Fall Cleaning Checklist in just two weeks and not have to worry about it again til Spring!

fall cleaning checklist

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