Why I won’t sleep in a hotel until I clean it

Why I won’t sleep in a hotel until I clean it

Are you taking a trip for spring break? No matter where you are going there is one thing that I always bring with me! I always bring my diffuser into every hotel room! This is why I won’t sleep in my hotel room until I clean it with my diffuser! I clean hotel rooms with diffuser and essential oils

How to clean hotel rooms

The reason I won’t sleep in a hotel room until I clean it with my diffuser is that hotel rooms are nasty! You know just as well as I do they do not disinfect everything! The air can be filled with so many germs! The remote is known as the dirtiest objects in the room! So dab some essential oils such as Thieves (also known as Fighting Five) or Purification to kill bacteria. Yes, I am Cleaning hotel rooms with diffuser and essential oils!

Just add some oils like Thieves or Purification to your diffuser for about 30 minutes to an hour to disinfect a hotel room! The room won’t only smell better but will be disinfected as well! Not only does it clear the air but it also clears your mind as well. The citrusy scent of purification can remove toxins from your daily life as well.

Just before bed grab some cedarwood and lavender to make for a restful evening. Taking a few deep breaths and begin to recharge.

One of my new favorite oils to diffuse while I am away is Uplift. When I wake up in the morning when I am traveling in hotels, I don’t have my regular coffee, and I just don’t have the normal energy like I usually do. So by adding a few drops of Uplift in my diffuser as I wake up, shower and get dressed lifts my spirits.

If you get car sick while traveling try diffusing Lavender and Peppermint too. This can knock out car sickness for kids as well! This is a great, inexpensive car diffuser!

Hopefully, these tips have helped you as much as they help me! If you have some other oils that you prefer, please share them with me! I am always willing to try something new that will help me with my travels! Next trip you have, pack that diffuser and share your thoughts with me! These were just a few reasons why I won’t sleep in my hotel until I have cleaned it!

If you are looking for a good diffuser, I use this one and love it!

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