Don’t let your house take your money! Prep for Fall!

Don’t let your house take your money! Prep for Fall!

Fall cleaning tips that will help you save money

Don't let your house take your money! Prep for Fall!1

Is that a crisp breeze in the air? Yes, it is! I’m so very glad too! Fall means, Football, sports with the kids, bonfires, picking pumpkins with hay rides! My favorite part is Fall cleaning, so I grab my Fall Cleaning Checklist! These tips should help out a lot so you don’t loose money to your house!

We take care of inside our house every single day. We do our dishes, empty the trash and wash our floors. We follow the Fall Cleaning Checklist to a tee. But, when Fall comes we need to make sure the out doesn’t come in! I just wanted to share with you what I do to make sure my house is prepped for Fall!

So last week I took our door off to sand and repainted the door because the heat from the sun did a good number on it this Summer. When I took the door off I could tell the weatherstripping was dry rotted and needed replacing! Warm air will escape through your doors so make sure everything is sealed up tight!


Take a walk around your home to be sure all cracks are completely sealed up. Also, check your HVAC unit to be sure no air can escape and get your HVAC unit a tune up so it will work properly in the Winter!


Last year was our first winter in our new home and heating bill seemed so high! Then this Summer with the high humidity we noticed our drop ceiling tiles were getting water damage! When we opened up the ceilings, we noticed that some of our air ducts were not insulated! We had all our ducts checked and insulated to be sure that this Fall and Winter we won’t be losing heat that we need and next Summer our new ceiling tiles won’t be ruined either! So double check your ceilings to be sure too! While we are on the subject of ducts, getting your air ducts cleaned as well wouldn’t hurt too! Dust and allergens can be trapped inside and can make you sick.

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Check those gutters! All summer long we have had stuff going on around our house so cleaning out the gutters is extremely important to do in the Fall. It seems like a given maybe buy its a step we just want to remind you not to forget!

There are two times a year we replace the batteries in our smoke detectors. When we Spring forward and Fall back! It makes it easy for us to remember so when we need them we know it should work because batteries are good to go! Also take a can of air and blow out any dust that can be trapped inside too! Dust can sometimes trigger the alarm to go off too! So keeping it cleaning will help you to sleep better!


Give your rooms a pick me up. Your curtains, blinds and shower curtains (and liners too) need dusting or washing! They hang there 24/7, of course, they are dirty! Check the tags before washing them. If it’s dry clean only…dust them well, HA! And when it comes to your shower curtains and liners toss them in the wash and dry on VERY low for about 10 minutes! I throw a dry bath towel in with the curtain and liner to help the drying process!

Not sure why but all our light bulbs tend to blow at the same time! Grab some energy sufficient bulbs and get set for a bright fall! While you are up there to dust the fans and light fixtures!

Hopefully, these quick tips will help you this Fall, and you can enjoy your cool night relaxing! If you have some other great Fall tips, let us know!

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