How to Clean the Bottom of your Pots and Pans

How to Clean the Bottom of your Pots and Pans

How to Clean Your Pots and Pans 535

Of course we clean our pots and pans after we cook but over time they just do not look the same! So we just end up buying new! Not anymore! There are some simple tips on how to clean the bottom of your pots and pans that you can try depending on what is in your home to make your old pots and pans like New Again! Pots and Pans over time get nasty and brown, but with these simple tips on how to clean stainless steel pots and pans you can keep them looking like new all the time!

How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Pan

How to Clean Your Pots and Pans can be easy. Scout around high and low grab all of them line them up and lets get to it! All you need is Vinegar and Baking soda! These are my go to cleaning products! Grab a scrub brush and bowl and mix about 1/4 cup of Baking Soda and slowly mix in about one to two tablespoons of vinegar making a thick paste. You can also use Hydrogen peroxide if you do not have vinegar.

Once you have a good paste, grab your scrub brush and put a thin layer on the bottom of all your pots and pans! Wait a good 5-10 minutes then scrub and rinse clean! If its really bad try using a scouring pad! Using this paste will make your stainless steel pans look like new.

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Do you need help on how to clean stainless steel pan or pot on the inside?

Have you ever burnt a pot or pan? I did this week! I got distracted while steaming broccoli and I let the water run out. We have great tip! Let me show you how to remove stains from this pot!
Fill about 1 inch of water and add Dawn dish soap, place it back on the burner and bring to a boil, remove from heat and let it cool. Then pour out the water and use a scouring pad to scrub out any left over residue. Back to new again. Some pots or pans may need to soak for a while depending on what is on it or how long you waited to clean it!
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Do you have something in your kitchen that needs work? Tell us and we will help you clean it!

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