How to Use Essential Oils for Everyday Cleaning

How to Use Essential Oils for Everyday Cleaning

How to Use Essential Oils for Everyday Cleaning

We like to buy cleaning products that have great scents to cover up the strong odors either from our house or to mask the strong cleaning scent! I like natural cleaning products, and they are also very expensive. I have several Natural cleaning solutions for you usingĀ essential oils!

The first cleaning product I have stopped purchasing was window cleaners. There is a much cheaper solution I want to share with you. Take a clean empty spray bottle and fill it with 1 cup of distilled white vinegar. Fill the rest of the bottle till it is about 3/4 full of water. Close the bottle and shake well to mix the vinegar and water well. Finally, add about ten drops of lemon or your favorite scent of essential oil and mix well again. This is a very effective way of keeping your windows clean without spending too much money, and the essential oils will help you as well. Though the cleaning set of essential oils is the best and helps me out with all my cleaning needs. Right now they are on sale for 80% OFF!

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I also love to use essential oils in my laundry detergent. There are several ways to make your our detergent, but my favorite recipe is this. So if you make your detergent or if you just want to add it to the laundry detergent you currently use you will enhance the smell of your laundry regardless. Or just leave it out and add whatever scent you like when you are about to begin a load. The BEST essential oil to use is eucalyptus if you are washing sheets or bedding, makes for a very relaxing night sleep. Or I will add Eucalyptus when washing my pillows or comforters as well because they say it will kill dust mites!! That is always a plus!!!!! I usually add about 25 drops of whatever scent you like before you start your wash. If you wash cloth diapers, try using Tea Tree oil next time. It’s very gentle, has a soft scent and is also known to have an extra disinfecting quality as well!!! I would only use about five drops of the tea tree oil in this wash. Then just before washing an article of clothing that has a stain on it I will add two drops of lemon oil on the stain itself and let it sit for about 5 minutes before dropping in the load to wash as well! Oh and if you take a wet washcloth, add about ten drops of your favorite essential oil to it then place it in your dryer with your laundry to make sure your laundry smells its BEST.

With Spring here go ahead and order the First Aid Essential oils set! That why you can be prepared all Summer long, or all year for that matter. I can clean with most of the items in this set at well!

First Aid Essential Oils Set

I don’t know about you but when I vacuum I love to smell like I’m cleaning as well. I am a little OCD though. So what I like to do is take a small piece of a paper towel and add about five drops of lemon to it then just suck it up from the hose. Vacuum as normal but then as you vacuum you will smell the lemon throughout your whole house as you are cleaning!!! Whats is better than that!

If you would like a natural way of cleaning your floors as well here is a great and easy recipe. Take a 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar and then about a quart of warm to hot water. Mix that well then add your favorite floor cleaning essential oil scent, pine or lemon or spruce. Wash your floors as usual and rinse with clean water about 5 minutes later.

These are just a few of my favorite ways to clean with essential oils. If you have another way, I would love to hear it. Just comment below and please share. I am always looking for more ways to clean more natural but with essential oils as well!

After you finish cleaning with the essential oils set, Relax and try the Synergy Oils Set. These oils help me get the night rest I really need!

Synergy Oil Set

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