Cheap Cleaning Tips – Using Aspirin

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Cheap Cleaning Tips Using Aspirin


Aspirin has a lot of other uses other than just getting rid of a headache or helping an oncoming heart attack. It also has many uses and great cheap cleaning tips.

Check your closet and drawers for shirts that have sweat stains. Don’t toss them just yet. It is actually quite common so don’t get grossed out just yet. If your deodorant contains antipresperants actually causes this effect. All you need to do to get rid of these stains is just crush up enough pills to cover the area and mix with water to create a paste. Let is sit for about 30 minutes or up to an hour then drop into the wash like normal.

If you have a pimple give this a try next time. Crush up an aspirin and mix with water to create a paste and cover the pimple completely. Wait several minutes and remove gently without rubbing to hard and let air dry. It should reduce in size and should not be as red within minutes as well. Repeat once a day if needed. Try doing this same method to bug bites and stings as well! Should reduce the swelling and redness shortly.

You can also crush up two aspirin in any kind of shampoo. Stop wasting your money on expensive brands of dandruff shampoo that could take a week to work. Give this a try! Make sure you leave the shampoo with the crushed up aspirin in your hair for about 5 minutes. In the meantime, wash up, shave or try a body scrub! Its worth the wait. Just rinse and condition as normal! Make sure you dry your hair also on Low heat. That can really make a difference. Even better try and let you hair air dry if you can!

NON-Cleaning tip! just an extra for you!!! Here is a great remedy for treating that hangover you don’t want to wake up with! Before you go to bed take TWO aspirin! It will certainly help with the next dreadful morning!! Please don’t take tylenol because it will not help. It actually does more damage to your liver!!!

Happy Cleaning everyone I hope this helps!

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