Mildew Cleaning Tips

Mildew Cleaning Tips

mildew cleaning tips

No matter how clean you keep your home, you may discover mildew in places like the bathroom on the walls, tiles or floor and even on fabrics like towels. Mildew is a fungus that thrives in warm and humid areas, which is why the bathroom is one of it’s favorite places. When you see those little black spots, you know you need to kill that mildew. There are many chemical cleansers to kill mildew on the market, but there are other more natural and less expensive ways to do it. Here are some mildew cleaning tips to help you kill that fungus!

10 Mildew Cleaning Tips

  1. Use white vinegar at full strength to kill mildew. You can put it in a spray bottle, spray the area, let sit for at least 2 hours and then scrub the area. The vinegar smell will go away pretty fast. Add tea tree oil for extra mildew killing power.
  2. Use a paste of baking soda and water with a toothbrush to kill mildew on the grout between tiles. Use white vinegar to rinse clean.
  3. For clothing or towels soak in detergent with bleach alternative before washing and dry thoroughly to prevent mildew from forming. If you line dry, be sure to bring clothing in before it rains to keep them dry.
  4. Keep a spray bottle of undiluted white vinegar in the bathroom and spray the shower after each use. This will help prevent mildew.
  5. If you are constantly finding mildew in areas such as under a sink, check for leaks around the pipes. This is a major cause of mildew and you may need to call a professional to get the situation under control.
  6. Bleach will kill mildew as well, so if you aren’t worried about using it, it will do the job. Make sure the room is well ventilated so you don’t inhale the fumes.
  7. Use a dehumidifier in rooms that tend to be very humid. This can remove some of the moisture that mildew loves so much.
  8. If your children play with bath toys, hang them to dry, preferably in sunlight after each use. Wet bath toys are the perfect breeding ground for mildew to grow.
  9. When shopping for a shower curtain and liner, look for labels that specify mildew or mold resistant.
  10. Wash bath towels and area rugs frequently and dry in sunlight or in dryer till completely dry.

No matter how vigilant you are, you may still come across mildew in your home from time to time. It happens to all of us, but you can get it under control quickly. Use my 10 mildew cleaning tips to make sure that you kill the mildew and get rid of those little black spots.

Do you have mildew cleaning tips? Share it with us below.

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