Leather Furniture Cleaning Tips

Leather Furniture Cleaning Tips

Leather Furniture Cleaning Tips

Leather furniture is beautiful. It adds something special and elegant to the look of any room. You may think that it’s too hard to clean and care for, but it doesn’t have to be. There are simple ways to clean your furniture without damaging the leather. You can keep your leather furniture clean and flawless by using my 10 leather furniture cleaning tips.

10 Leather Furniture Cleaning Tips

  1. Start with a hand vacuum or vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Use this to get in any crevices and between cushions. Be gentle so the leather doesn’t get scratched. Use a soft dry cloth to brush off any loose dirt that you see.
  2. Check for any really dirty spots or stains that need to be removed. Use a very mild soap with warm water on a soft rag and squeeze it out so that the rag is just damp and not soaking wet. Use this to remove any dirty spots, without pressing too hard. You don’t want to push any dirt deeper into the leather.
  3. Take another soft rag, wet it and wring it out well, using no soap. Use this rag to wipe the entire piece of leather furniture.
  4. Have a 3rd soft rag, completely dry, ready to dry the leather quickly. Dry all areas thoroughly so there is no moisture left on the leather.
  5. Use a leather conditioner or treatment when you are done to shine the leather and protect it.
  6. Always clean up anything that spills right away. Do not let it have time to soak into the leather.
  7. Do not use any harsh chemical cleansers on the leather furniture or it could be damaged.
  8. Test any new products in a hidden area before using them on the entire piece of furniture.
  9. Avoid placing any sharp, pointed or rough objects on your leather furniture to avoid scratches and scuffs on the leather.
  10. Do a quick cleaning of your leather furniture weekly to remove dust and debris. This will prevent build up and protect your leather.

With a little bit of tender loving care and my 10 leather furniture cleaning tips, you can have leather furniture and keep it in excellent condition. It may be a little intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, it will just be a part of your regular cleaning routine. It’s definitely worth the little bit of extra work it takes to keep your beautiful leather furniture clean.

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